Friday, May 8, 2009

Just What I Needed.... Another Pan

My friend Anne is the best, and she always has my back. She has this great pan that she uses all the time. She loved it so much that she bought it for her sons, and is always touting it to everyone. She recently sent me an e-mail telling me that Amazon was having a sale, and guess what was on sale?

Of course, I had to go right to the site to check it out. There it was in all its glory and at a great price to boot, was the 12-inch Calpthalon pan with cover. The urge was was inching up my toes, forcing them to mobilize into the bedroom where my pocketbook was residing at the present moment.

The tingling continued, this time migrating down my arms, to the tips of my fingers where the itch began to get compulsive... I was being forced to reach into my pocketbook and pull out my wallet where my arsenal of credit cards reside.

Like a moth to a flame, like a paper clip to a magnet, like my mouth to a plate of pasta, I was drawn to grab the card and run to my computer...

Click on add to my cart, my Amazon account knowing what came next, already had me logged in and ready to go. Click...which shipping address would you like to use - what else, mine of course!

No problem on this end Amazon replied, as they have the very same arsenal of credit cards living on their site, in my very own little BUY ME, GET ME, GIVE ME, account.

Click...your purchase has been completed...yippee!

Three days later (without even paying extra shipping charges I might add - see Marc it was a real bargain after all) my huge box arrives via my very favorite Big Brown truck.

The excitement continues...I open the box...

The moaning and groaning, the ooohing and aaahing follows, I am in heaven...I can't wait to use it!

But wait, the moment of truth has arrived...


I needed another pot like a hole in my head! Speaking of heads, perhaps I should wear it as a hat???? Let it double as a breadbasket on my kitchen table????? Plant my basil in it????

I put my thinking cap on...rearranged my kitchen cabinets yet another time (last week it was the pizza peel and pizza stone I had to magically fit in there,) and once again I have persevered and the pan is now living in my kitchen.

I even put it to use with Anne's Shrimp Scampi - after all I had to make the scampi, so I needed the pan, right?????

Look for the Scampi post and the Pan, coming soon to a blog near you...

PS: You too can have this pan if you pop over to Amazon or just click on the link on my sidebar!

PSS: This pan will also force you to exercise - you will trim and tone your arms because you have to hand wash it, it can't go in the dishwasher (but it really does clean up easily)

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  1. "like a hole in my head" LOL
    maybe you could start a new trand that combines cooking/dishwashing and exercise :)

  2. I know just how you feel! There's never any room for something new. This pan looks awesome though. I love the smaller loop handles instead of a long handle like on a skillet. Would fit much easier in the oven this way.

  3. LOL, that pan sure will come in handy when you start making all those Tex-Mex recipes.

  4. Anne is right Nancy, you would love this pan, it's great for all foods!

  5. Have no clue how you found a home for this pan, I'd need to give something away to squeeze another large item in.

    But the pizza stone is easy - just leave it in the oven full-time. I leave mine in there and it moderates the oven temperature very nicely. And then I don't worry about dropping on my foot and breaking the stone, never mind the foot. My wooden peel hangs on the wall from a leather thong, next to the oven.

    I've always wanted to get one of the metal pot racks that hangs from the ceiling. How nice it would be to have all the pots and pans handy overhead and out of the cabinets.

  6. Hi Nancy,

    In my past life I must have been a magician - in my next life I will rebuild the dream kitchen that was in my old house and make it even bigger!