Monday, January 19, 2009

Calling all Baking Foodfanataholics

If you love to bake, then this post is for you. This morning in my e-mail I received announcement from Sur La Table that they are conducting a baking sale. I had to pass this along to all of you who love to bake in case you aren't on their mailing list (you should be.) The sale will be running for two weeks, so don't miss it. They are discounting between 20 - 40 % on many of their baking pans. For example, some of the baking and cake pans that were $15.00 are on sale for $8.96.

The are having a great deal on their cookie cutters, they are selling for .56 each. Now is the time to stock up, especially on the heart shaped ones for Valentine's Day. I will be posting a great Brownie Recipe soon, that works well with cookie cutters.

You can cut the brownies into heart shapes and dust them with a little powdered sugar and then roll the remaining pieces into little round balls, like the donut holes at Dunkin' Donuts and roll them in powdered sugar or colored sugars for all the holidays.

They have some neat shaped in their cookie cutter line, tools for boys (or girls) hammers, cowboy hats, great sport cookie cutters, ice cream cones, etc., for .56 you can't go wrong.

If you bake, you can never have too many pans, racks, pots, toys, etc. You may not have a big enough house, but you can never have too many gadgets.

Besides, it give you another opportunity to bake with your children, your friends, your grandchildren and create memories. I still have an old cookie tin that is filled with cookie cutters that belonged to my mother. Everytime I look at the box, an incredible blanket of love seems to cover me. I have so many memories of making cookies with her in our old kitchen on Schenck Avenue in Brooklyn when I was a child. When I see the box, it's as if she is back here with me in my kitchen today.

Please treat your children to these types of memories - someday in the future they will fall back on them and have their own blanket of love enveloping them.

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  1. Thanks for the heads-up on this great sale Elise. I have tons of baking equipment but can always find something else I just have to get. :-)

    Your tip for people to create cooking or baking memories with their children is great advice. Some of my favorite memories are of cooking with my mother or grandmother, or cooking for my father. Nothing can touch the warmth of those memories.