Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sweethearts...Bravehearts...Tenderhearts..... Artichoke Hearts?????

The Minnesota Vikings played
the the Philadephia Eagles on Sunday.
The Vikings were supposed to win,
they didn't,
which means that now, the Eagles have moved up
yet another notch on the road to the Super Bowl.
This means that I have to seriously think
about a menu for the Super Bowl, just in case.
The other day we made sausage bread.
Today, a very simple Artichoke Dip,
that takes 5 minutes to assemble,
can be done in advance, and is delicious...
good Super Bowl Sunday Dip

Elise Feiner

1 can of plain artichokes hearts, drained and finely chopped
1½ cups of shredded mozzarella
1 cup grating cheese (I use Pecorino Romano, but Parmesan is fine)
1 cup of mayonnaise

Preheat the oven to 350°. Spray Pyrex®, corning ware®, or other oven proof 8 x 8-inch dish with PAM® (I have also used a disposable aluminum cake pan.) Mix all ingredients together in a mixing bowl. Bake until golden brown, about 20 to 25 minutes. This can be done ahead and refrigerated until time to bake. Just bake it right before serving. Serves 4- 6

Variations: Add one cup of sour cream and a box of Knorr® Vegetable soup mix to the above; or 1 cup of sour cream, a package of Lipton® Recipe Secrets Golden Onion Soup mix and top with buttered bread crumbs.

This is what you will need to make the dip:

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F.

Spray an 8 x 8 Pyrex dish or other oven proof dish with PAM
I have also used aluminum baking pans for this
(great if you are bringing it somewhere else)

Open the can of artichoke hearts
make sure you buy plain, not marinated one
Drain all the water from the can

The hearts will look nice and full
like all hearts should be :)

Take each heart and begin to make a very
thin slice into it with a sharp knife

Continue making thin slices

Separate the slices

Run your knife quickly in the
other direction

You will have thin pieces of the
artichoke hearts

Place the grating cheese in a bowl
I am lazy, I mixed everything right in the pan

Add the mozzarella
(today I tried Sargeanto's 6 cheese
Italian mix just for fun)

Add the mayonnaise

and then the artichoke hearts


Blend well

Bake for 20-25 minutes until golden brown

Let it set a few minutes

Serve with crackers or chips

The texture is custardlike


Prepare this the night or morning before the game
and refrigerate it until you are ready to bake it!

...and, what IF the Giants win this Sunday?????

Then, we may be dealing with

Broken Hearts ....

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