Friday, February 6, 2009

Are You Kidding????

This picture is NOT from Little Bay restaurant
just a picture of some sorry looking food!

The UPI has reported that a restaurant in London, called Little Bay,

has decided, according to it's owner Peter Ilic,

to charge the patrons of the restaurant what they consider a fair price for their meal. He states that this is due to the down turn in the economy. He is running the promotion through the end of February - good thing February is a short month.

The customer is not given a bill, and can decide to pay something, nothing, or whatever he feels the dinner was worth. Mr. Ilic states that so far, the plan has been working and that people are paying up to 20% more than the meals would have actually cost.

Is he kidding? I can't even imagine, what would happen if that was tried in a restaurant in this country. Lately, with a few exceptions of course, the last few times I ate out, the food has been mediocre at best. The service leaving a lot to be desired. I recently drove about 30 minutes to a restaurant with some friends, in a blizzard I might add, to have a pizza at this restaurant that we had eaten at before and loved. It was a Friday night, mind you, and we walked in at 8:00 in the evening, to be told be the waitress/hostess that they just stopped serving. At eight o'clock on a Friday, in a blizzard???????????????????????

They should have been so glad to have customers that they should have rolled out the red carpet. I am being very kind here, and not mentioning their name, because the last time I was there, it was exceptional. Their hours aren't even posted, it says something like 10 am - until closing

To say I was flabbergasted, was putting it mildly. I will be calling the owner, as I had planned to do a review of this particular restaurant on the blog. Was it just a bad night???? They had a restaurant full of customers, they were still serving food, the lights were on. If this had been my first visit, I would never even consider going back. Aren't people aware that people will tell one person about their experience, and they will tell one person, etc. In this climate, can you afford to treat any customers this way???

My husband once had some green thing with an antennae waving greeting him on his salad. I had a piece of barbed iron in a plate of greens once - the owner told me, the greens were in a crate that had wire covering it and they cut the wire and a little piece must have gotten into the I cared?????????????

A few days ago, I had a veal dinner that was cold. The baked potato was cold, I sent it back. It came back cold a second time. I never saw a baked potato that couldn't melt a pat of butter! Who's fault was it? The cooks, the waitress? Could the fact that there was no steam coming out of the potato been a clue????

What should you pay, if those things happen to you. If you pay nothing, then you are a belligerent customer. If you pay a little, you may still eat there again, what happens to your food the next time??

I would love to hear your comments on this posting. I do apologize that the comments aren't showing, I have checked the setting a million times and they say, show comments, but they never seem to appear.

What would you pay if you were eating out in a restaurant with that policy and you got a lousy meal? a great meal?? something in between???

I will say one thing for Mr. Ilic, I went to his website, and his restaurants look wonderful. The food looks incredible, the menu delicious. I assume with his policy that they must be wonderful too. I will definitely eat at Little Bay the next time I am in London. I actually like his style and his confidence, he must know his product well !!!!

Any possibility we could entice Mr. Ilic to open a restaurant in upstate New York, it would be nice to see someone who is willing to raise the bar!

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