Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Not Your Ordinary French Fries

It's a beautiful summer's day. You are out enjoying the local fair with your children. You hear the sounds of children laughing, barker's calling you in to their rides, couples walking hand and hand, and then it hit's you...

You are approaching the food tent and your nose is under attack from everywhere. The delicious aroma of sausage and peppers, the sweet fragrant smell of fresh pressed lemonade, the sticky odor of the cotton candy machine, and yes, there it is, the warm, inviting, sizzling smell of the funnel cakes frying at their know the one with the line a mile long.

Back to reality, it's the middle of winter and you're sitting at the window staring at the snow, thinking about how delicious one of those funnel cakes would taste just about now.

Guess what, it is possible...

J & J Foods now has a product that looks like french fries and tastes like Funnel Cake. We had some the other day in our local pizzeria. They were delicious and a nice break from the ordinary desserts. Not a huge portion so you won't overeat, just enough for two people to share and enjoy.

If you haven't tried them, you should. Ask your local pizzeria or restaurant, or college cafeteria to order them, you'll feel as if you were back at the State Fair on that beautiful summer day!

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