Monday, February 2, 2009

You're Taking Me Where??????????????

Valentine's Day is rapidly approaching, and according to the result of our poll, so far jewelry and going out to dinner are the leaders in what you want most for Valentines Day.

Me, I want to be a pig about it, I want a box of candy, flowers, a piece of jewelry, and you can give it all to me at dinner...what the heck, you only live once!

Just kidding!!!!!

I just want to caution you this year, as you all know, things are tough everywhere. If you've been following this blog you know that we have discussed the closing of some of the most famous restaurants in the land, The Rainbow Room, Ruby Foo's to name a few.

Before you go and put on that Chanel Suit, those Jimmy Choo shoes, pick up your Louis Vuitton purse, spray on your perfume and hop in the limo, you may be in for a surprise.

You may not be headed to

for that delicious filet mignon

or to

for your favorite steak or lobster dinner

or even the 21 Club

and it's legendary 21 burger

You may be getting into that limo and


heading for you favorite fast food restaurant

for a Whopper Jr (make mine with cheese)

just give me that Frosty and forget the meal

Somehow, I don't think that when you
envisioning the man of your dreams
for your Valentine dinner would include
Colonel Sanders

make mine extra crispy

It seems that in the wake of
all the high end restaurant
closings, Mc Donalds

is planning to open 1000 new restaurants
worldwide, stating an 80% increase in
profits last year
that's a lot of Big Macs

Where McDonald's goes
all other fast food restaurants follow!

People are "eating down" and the fast food giants
are decimating the high end restaurants...

So enjoy your last Valentine's meal for awhile
in one of those chi-chi foo-foo restaurants
this year - who knows if they'll
be here next year

I am glad,
depending on which coast
I happen to be,
that I am an In-in-Out

It's Valentines Day so make mine
Animal Style

Five Guys kinda gal!

normally one guy does it for me
but for Valentines Day, I'll make the exception
and have Five (Guys that is)


  1. I always felt that Valentine's was such a fake holiday made to force you to do something you should be doing every day - showing your loved ones that you care about them. And to me that does not include buying tons of pink/red-heart-shaped nonsense.

  2. Haris must be excited, he gets off easy. Marc gets a double whammy Valentines Day and my birthday, same week, lol. I am a cheap date however, a card works fine for me.