Thursday, February 19, 2009

To All The Men Out There ...................... Save This for Future Reference!!!!

The results of our Valentine's Day Poll are all in
and here is what you all had to say about
what you would like for Valentines Day...

Thirty four percent would like to be
taken out for a nice dinner
Here is the link for Open Table
make your reservations early for next year

Twenty six percent wanted jewelry...

Call Feiners LTD in Philadelphia
721 Sansom Street
215 923-1798
Ask for Kevin
The Finest in custom designed jewelry
Pearls are their specialty!!!

Eleven percent wanted candy

Here is the link for Godiva Chocolates

Five percent wanted something else

You're on your own here...

Three percent wanted flowers

Here is the link for 1-800 FLOWERS

Three percent wanted perfume
Here you are...Perfume

None of you wanted stuffed animals

No further action is necessary, get the picture!!!!

So my dear readers, there you have it...
print and file this as a reference for next year!!!!

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