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Good Little Girls Go To Heaven......................... Bad Little Girls Go Everywhere

February is a fun month, at least I think so, probably because I was born in February. There are lots of things to celebrate in February, President's Day, Valentine's Day, Mardi Gras, you get the picture.

For a change I am trying to stay ahead of the posts and get some Valentine's Day thought's up on the blog. I happened to be going through some cookbooks the other day and came across a little fun book in my collection called Naughty Cakes. I must have bought it awhile ago and forgotten about it.

I thought it might be fun to tell you a little about the book, and perhaps stir your creative juices for a fun dessert for Valentines Day.

This is an adorable book that features cakes that are decorated with sugar paste (the book was published in the United Kingdom,) so I believe that is the same as a fondant icing here in the United States. I suppose you could call the cakes risque, but I've seen worse things on day time TV. I think the cakes are just charming and a really fun thing to create for Valentine's Day.

Some of the clever designs include:

Greek God

Naughty Playtime

and Bedtime Fun

Go and have some fun with this book...tis the season!

Naughty Cakes by Debbie Brown

Naughty Cakes is a cute little book that features cakes that are decorated with a “naughty” theme. The book although published in the United Kingdom had references sources for products all over the world. The measurements are not only in the metric system, but US measurement in both ounces and pounds and cups and tablespoons.

The book was written by Debbie Brown who is a noted cake decorator and instructor on cake decorating known around the world. The book is arranged in a very easy fashion to follow and she gives step-by-step directions for each of the 19 cakes featured in the book.

These cakes are really cute and if you really found anything offensive, you could certainly tone them down when you make them. They certainly aren’t the cakes you’ll be baking for your daughter’s 5th birthday, or your son’s 10th birthday, but they do have a place for Valentines day, or even for a bridal shower or bachelor party. What they are - are very funny cakes, a little humor in these scary times.

I love the way the book is arranged in such an orderly fashion. Debbie starts off with some basic cake recipe and gives a few variations on how to change it. She gives the recipe for Buttercream Frosting and some variations there, and a Royal Icing Frosting, sugar glue, modeling paste, pastillage, edible glitter, and sugar sticks.

That is followed by a cake chart, which gives you the quantities for the specific cakes in the book itself. The recipe for the basic cakes tells you the how to, here she adds the how much. It’s very easy to follow. She also tells you what type of pan to bake the cake in. Almost every cake is done in a round, square, oblong, or heart shape cake pan, most of which, if you are any kind of cooking foodfanataholic you probably have in some closet some where.

Debbie then gives you some wonderful tips on basic techniques for sculpting, rolling and coloring sugar paste, covering the cake, and obtaining a good finish.

She gives you a list of general equipment that you will need to decorate the cakes, and I would bet that most of you have at least 75% of these things, if not all of them in your kitchen on the back of some closet shelf.

From there, she goes into the specific of the 19-featured cakes.


Basic Recipes
Basic Techniques
General Equipment

Thong Watch
Naughty Playtime
Sexy Builders
Boobs Everywhere
Racy Speedboat
Roly Poly Strip-o-gram
Mud Pit
Jacuzzi Fun
Hunky Fireman
Tunnel of Love
Greek God
Pole Dancers
Hula Girls
Hippy Flashers
Almost the Full Monty
Bedtime Fun
Come and Get Me
Wet T Shirt

Supplier and Useful Addresses

If you like to decorate cakes you’ll really enjoy the cute ideas featured in this book, especially if you keep the humor in proper perspective.

I am not including a recipe with this review because there is one basic recipe that you change depending on which cake you are baking and there are no specific measurements that would be of value in this format.

Book Title: Naughty Cakes
Author: Debbie Brown
Category: Whimsical Cookbooks, Theme Cookbooks
ISBN: 0-7607-7494-3
Publisher: Barnes and Noble NY through arrangement with New Holland Publishers (UK)
Publishers Address:
Published: 2005
Edition: First
Description: Hardcover
Illustrations: None
Photographs: Several, beautiful color photos

Price $6.79 (on Amazon)
Reviewed by: Elise Feiner
Date of Review: 2/3/09

For your convenience, Naughty Cakes can be ordered by clicking on the link on the sidebar.

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