Sunday, April 19, 2009

Foodfanataholic vs. Chocoholic - I hope you can be both!

The next stop in our Florida post is Ghirardelli in Downtown Disney.

We always make it a point to visit at least once on every trip to Orlando. You know when you are approaching Ghirardelli's because you can smell the chocolate in the air!

It was Marc's birthday so we decided that instead of a cake we'd go for ice cream. As usual, the lines were out the door, tables were full, spilling over to the outside cafe tables. Even though the lines are long, the people at Ghiradelli, have it down to a science. You place your order and pay,

grab your number, find a table,

Marc finds us a table

and voila, your ice cream appears in a few minutes.

The help is friendly, and very courteous. How could you be unhappy
surrounded by all that sweetness??

Sundaes waiting to be delivered to some lucky people...

Ice Cream cones awaiting delivery

They work hard behind the counter

Celebrating with the birthday boy...

We are practicing for our days when we will be
hitting the Early Bird Specials, lol

Marc has a Birthday Sundae

Steve a cone

Rae a cone

I ordered a single scoop sundae,
way too much for me

The menu is quite complete, they have scoops, cones, shakes, floats, chocolate treats, chocolate drinks, espresso drinks, classic drinks, and tons of sundaes.

The sundaes average in price from
7.95 - 8.95. The most expensive sundae is the Family Favorite which is 29.95 and will easily serve 6. A single scoop cone averages between 3.95 for a plain sugar cone or cup to 4.25 for a homemade waffle cone. The double scoops are 5.25 to 5.50. Toppings are 1.00 each

They have a kids menu too which includes rainbow sprinkles and a goody bag for a single scoop cone or cup it's 3.95, for a Kids S'more Sundae it's 5.95

Ghirardelli was started in San Francisco in 1852 by Domingo Ghirardelli, who left Italy to sell confections and chocolate abroad. He can during the California gold rush, was immediately successful and began the Ghirardelli Chocolate Company near the San Francisco piers. Their flagship store still greets visitors as they pass through the Golden Gate.

You get just what they promise you!!!

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  1. mmm, the cones look so good! I'm a definite chocoholic and an icecreamoholic :)

  2. A few spoonfuls of the sundae worked for me, much more and the sugar would have killed me, but once a year it's my indulgence!