Monday, April 27, 2009

Millie's For Breakfast and on the road home!

Well, the time has come, vacation is coming to an end and we are getting ready to leave Sarasota and head back to Orlando and on home. We are heading to Millie's for breakfast before we head back. Rae and Steve met a woman from Sarasota in the train ride down who told them we had to try's Millie's for breakfast. She said that the breakfasts were wonderful and to try the Stuffed French Toast (which takes a little extra time to prepare.) She said they are only open for breakfast and lunch and we should be sure to stop there. Since we got the best recommendations from people along the way, who were we to argue, so off to Millie's we went!

As you enter the doors, you are immediately met by a homey feeling,
beautiful blue and white decor, lovely blue plate collection on the walls

very bright and airy, lovely plants

pretty wooden booths with heart-shaped cutouts
(tables are also available)

Neta, our waitress was fabulous, she was so great in guiding
us so we wouldn't over order, which left to
our own devices we probably would have

Perusing the menu

Time to make some decisions

Neta arrives with the food and the moment of truth

Steve went for the eggs, hash browns, English muffins and grits
which he had been dying to order all week.
His comment was "My grits were OUTSTANDING!!!"

Rae opted for the blueberry pancakes
which she said were delicious, light and fluffy

Marc, like Steve opted for eggs, hash browns, a side of ham and toast
He said his was fabulous

I, once again, tried to order something small, lol
I wanted biscuits and gravy - I thought I did the right thing,
I ordered one biscuit - wait until you see the size of this portion

it was humongous!!!! I can't imagine what the two biscuit portion would have been like.
It was absolutely delicious, so creamy and flavorful!

We asked who MIllie was and Neta told us that there really was a Millie, and that
she had passed away in 1996. The restaurant was owned by
George Nikias (who came to Sarasota via Oceanside, Long Island)

George allowed me into the kitchen to take a few pictures. I think some of you may wonder why I do that. I find that when the owner lets you see the kitchen, you can feel
pretty safe eating in that restaurant. After all, who would let you see a dirty kitchen.
As you can see, the kitchen here is immaculate, and this was during the peak
of their serving time...

Everyone of the staff was happy, smiling, and seemed to really
have the customer's interest at heart

So George, you can count on the fact we'll tell everyone to eat at Millie's,
it was great! Will you consider opening in upstate New York?

And now, it's time to end our Florida posts,
I bid you farewell

as my cousin Joanne says through her
Perrie Menopudge character
"Midlife Rocks!"

I am ready to be retired, and I haven't worked in years!

PS...If you love this shirt you can order one through their website:
Perrie MenoPudge

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  1. Elise - your photos on this post are really great. The decor looks very inviting and the food delicious. What portions though! I can't believe your biscuits and gravy serving was so HUGE for a single biscuit portion. Even though I don't eat pork, that is one of my all time favorite dishes, I just make it with turkey sausage or veggies. Breakfast is always my favorite meal, so if I'm ever in the neighborhood I'll be certain to stop by.

  2. Hi Nancy,

    The portion was enormous, and delicious, but I only ate a little. It's a good thing I had by-pass surgery or I would weigh 900 pounds, lol
    I confess, I am not a breakfast person, I'd rather eat my calories elsewhere, like a good dish of pasta and veggies. I like pork, but could easily be a vegetarian, except I live with the ultimate carnivore!

  3. Just what I was looking for, regards for posting.