Saturday, April 18, 2009

Take me out to the Ballgame

The next post in the Florida series is Spring Training.
We actually had gotten tickets in January to see the
Atlanta Braves play the Pittsburgh Pirates

in the Disney Champion Stadium in Orlando.

It was a beautiful day for baseball and we had great seats. This is fun especially if you are with the kids, as the prices are a lot less than the prices at a game during the season, especially in the new stadiums, where they are expecting you to pay for their excesses...are they crazy with the ticket prices today? How do they expect the average American family to take their kids to a ballpark and get to know what the American pastime is? They will soon need bailout money to do that to!

Spring season is low key, you can sit on the grass,

watch from the bleachers, just have a good time.

You get to meet the most fun and interesting people if you just say hello. We met a group of teachers from the Florida area, who were as much fun as the game itself. It was a great day!

Getting the field ready for play

Getting ready to toss out the first ball
(I confess it was some football player, but I can't remember who)

Let the games begin


Rae and Steve having a great time

Of course what would a game be without the food

A few nachos (which were served in their own bags, a nice touch)

and of course, who could go to the game and not have peanuts???

and a little cotton candy...

It was a fun day...

and the seventh inning told the story!

Of course, as much fun as we had at this game, it
didn't bode well with the two men inour lives,
Marc, the consumate Phillies fan, and Steve, the diehard Yankee.
They had tried to get tickets to the Yankee spring training game in January
only to be told the tickets were already sold out. They lied!!!!
You know the old adage, nothing venturedm nothing gained?
I though what theheck, let me go on line and see if I can get a ticket to
the Yankees because we were heading to Tampa.
Guess what, it was the last game of the season,
the Yankees were playing the Phillies, and there
were plenty of tickets left...
(It's not nice to horde tickets Ticketmaster...shame on you!)
So I got four tickets and we were off to George Steinbrenner field!

Home of the Championship Yankees
(and me a die hard Mets fan)

The park outside the stadium was very interesting
showing all the old Yankees with their numbers

and we're off...

Steve is in his glory and all his Yankee garb!

Marc and Rae getting in the spirit

Poor me, I don't root for either team :(

The vendors are awaiting their prey ( excuse me fans)

Steve and Marc watching the Phillies and Yanks taking batting practice

Whitey Ford story plays on the schorboard

Let the games begin

Sure didn't look sold out to me

You gotta love this guys shirt

C.C. Sabitha pitching

and of course, then there is the food

they even have an Outback concession here

Alas, it was a long game for the Phillies
and I hope not an omen of the season to come
they got trounced by the Yankees

On to the regular season and increased food prices, lol...

As you noticed from the pictures of the concession stands, the food choices
aren't really tremendous at the spring training games, however, the prices aren't
totally outrageous either. When you start to talk about the regular season, that is a
horse of another color. The Times Union writes about the New Yankee Stadium
where "excuse me" there is a prix fixe menu starting from only $48.00 a head.
There are lobster rolls, pork porchetta over kielbasa sauerkraut...
what happened to buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks???

Of course, leave it to the Californians to serve healthy fare
at Dodger Stadium. According to the
they will be introducing a Greek Salad, Curried Chicken Salad, and a
Turkey Wrap...
Somehow, I can't see a vendor yelling
"Curried chicken salad here, get your curried chicken salad"
You're supposed to eat a hot dog at a ballgame, lol
and what's next, a tofu dog on a bun???
Relax, I'm only kidding, that's what makes this country great
you can get anything you want, and you know what
the prices at Dodger Stadium are not even that off the wall,
the salads are only 8.75!

Kudos to the Yankees for the beautiful tribute to those
who lost their lives on September 11, 2001

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