Friday, March 20, 2009

A Day for Winners!!

Today, I am celebrating a day for winners. Those of you who follow the blog may know that yesterday was Match Day, which for medical students is the biggest day of their medical school career second to Graduation Day. It is the day when the student finds out where he or she will be doing their residency.

Our son David is graduating from Medical School and we are so thrilled that he got his chosen residency in Orthopedics and will be doing his residency in Buffalo, where he attended Medical School.

Since we were traveling back and forth to Buffalo yesterday, I didn't have time to prepare a food column today, so I thought I would post this article about my winner and show you some pictures.

In addition, I received this in my e-mail yesterday, and here is an opportunity for one of you to become a winner as well, in a cookware contest. Check out the link and enter to win a set of beautiful cookware!

Hi Elise,

I was looking at your site and I thought that you and your readers might want to check out a contest that my company is hosting. As a way to introduce people to our newly expanded collection of professional cookware, we are giving away a 19-piece Wear-Ever cookware set to one lucky person. This set is commercial quality, and is actually used by professional chefs. It is perfect for the serious home cook. Check it out for yourself at Food Service Warehouse

Thanks, and good luck to you and your readers!

Ashley Howard

Check this out for yourself, it looks like a great set of pots. I hope one of my readers will be the lucky winner, and since today is a lucky day, I hope you'll be lucky as well...

Here are some photos from our day yesterday

David just received the news that he matched in Buffalo

David sharing the news with his brother Jeff
and sister Lauren

Marc and I are so proud of David

Steven and his girlfriend JoAnna came
to support David

David and his girlfriend Laura
who is an anesthesiology resident

Blood is Blood...the brothers

David, Laura, Steven and JoAnna

David and his good friend Susan

We are all so happy for David!

Laura, David, me, Marc, Steven, and JoAnna

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  1. awww, look at David, he can't stop smiling :-D
    I'm *so* happy for him, and for all of you!