Monday, March 2, 2009

What Happens In Vegas, Happens off the Strip!

Today is the second posting in our short Vegas series, eating off the strip...

After a long day of checking out the various hotels

cruising the casinos and

and of course, losing money, we
(the girls and I) decided to go for Mexican Food

Lauren and I had eaten at a wonderful Mexican Restaurant
the last time I was in Las Vegas and she told me they
just opened another restaurant closer to her house
We decided to try the new one out, and
we were not was wonderful!!!!

Lindo Michoacan is where we headed

The restaurants have been voted The Best of Las Vegas
in 2004-8 and with good reason

The food is very good (quite different from the
Mexican Restaurants on the East Coast), atmosphere homey,

the staff personable, and the prices reasonable.
The restaurant makes their own tortillas, in fact, in the one we were at the last time,
you could see them being made right from your table,
there is live music in some of the restaurants, and the food is good.
There are three Lindo Michoacans,
I will put the addresses and phone numbers at the bottom of this posting.
We were lucky, and just walked in and got a table,
but I suggest making a reservation...

The girls ordered Mango Margaritas

My niece Abby and I decided

to split the Chicken Fajitas, and there was
more than enough for the two of us

The meals all come with a bowl of fideo soup,
which is a tomato broth base I believe,
with some vermicelli like noodles.

You get a complimentary bowl of tortilla chips served
with salsa and bean dip placed on the table.
You can choose from corn or flour tortillas if you have a preference.
The guacamole is great, they will make it table side if you like.
You can pick and choose what you want in it,
for example, I am not a fan of cilantro, so they eliminated it.
We asked to have a few things omitted
and the waiter brought us a sample of what they had pre-made
and it was perfect so we just ordered that instead
of having the table side version
(the girls were starving and didn't want to wait).

Lauren had the carne asada tacos

The Fajitas arrived at the tables sizzling,
the steaming and aroma engulfing the room

they were served with rice, guacamole, and
the fixings for the fajitas


constructing her fajita

The menu

is extensive over 15 appetizer choices,
Huevos (eggs) served with rice and beans - 7 choices there,
Lingua de Ternera - 5 choices of tongue entrees,
Ensaladas -8 different salad choices,
Especialidas de Cochinito - 6 pork specialities, including Carnitas a la Coca Cola,
Especialidas de Carne - 14 beef entrees,
Recommended by Javier - 3 lobster entrees,
Especialidas de Pollo - 16 chicken entrees,
Pescados - 4 fish entrees,
Especialidas de Mar - 16 seafood specialities,
Pescados Enteros Frescos - 2 whole fish entrees,
Mas Antojitos Mexicanos -4 festive Mexican Dishes,
A la Carte, Burritos, Side Dishes, Tortas, Vegetarian Specials, Tacos,
Combinaciones (combination platters) and desserts round off the menu.
The average prices of the entrees was between $14.95 - 18.95,
excluding the lobster dishes which average 38.95

The guacamole was excellent and I love the homemade tortilla chips,
nice and thick, so they don't break when you dip them

They were kind enough to take me into the
kitchen which was immaculate

where I got to see the tortillas being made

The staff was wonderful,

the manager was especially accommodating...

All in all this was a great evening!

Lindo Michoacan
Desert Inn
2655 East Desert Inn Road
702 735-6828

Lindo Michiacan
7870 West Tropical Parkway
702 38-LINDO

Lindo Michoacan
West Flamingo
10082 West Flamingo Road
702 838-9990

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  1. oh, I miss good mexican food! And this looks like a really nice restaurant.
    Now, how do you get all these people to pose for the pictures and let you post their photos on the blog? I'm surprised that everyone seems so happy to have their photo taken :)

  2. recently discovered your blog. LOVE mexican food!