Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I Died and Went to Heaven in Las Vegas...

This final post coming from Las Vegas
are just some pictures from the strip,

the girls waiting for their big hit,

I think the two Feiner girls are the finer
things in life myself

The Wynn Hotel
where else would you find a Ferrari dealership
in the hotel lobby

ZooZa Crackers - a deli at the Wynn

and the new hotel The Encore that just opened,

transition carpet between Wynn and Encore
Wynn's theme is flowers,
Encore's is butterflies


Gorgeous Swarovski Crystal Dragon at
Wazzu Restaurant in Encore

ending with some pictures from Planet Hollywood's Sur La Table.

What else would cause a Foodfanataholic to die and go to Heaven...

A trip through a kitchen themed store, stocked to the brim...
We had gone to a show at Planet Hollywood and then of course,
could I resist a stop in Sur La Table located in the hotel...
I don't think so!

As much as I have enjoyed life in upstate New York,
there are some things (aside from the weather)
that just don't cut it.
We don't have a really decent upscale kitchen store.
Yes, we have Bed, Bath, and Beyond, and we even have a small
Williams Sonoma in Syracuse,
but we are a third tier store area, and it shows.

Nothing can compare to one of these stores
located in a big city,

to a true Foodfanataholic this is heaven!
I never wanted to leave!!!!!

Viva Las Vegas!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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