Sunday, March 1, 2009

What Happens In Vegas, Stays in Vegas????

We've all heard that slogan in marketing the city of Las Vegas.
Having just come back from Las Vegas,
I think I finally figured it out.
It has nothing to do with all the things
you think it has to do with.
It has to do with the quality of service, the shows,

levels of comps, and the hope of hitting it big, the things
that drive people to Las Vegas in droves...

Guess's not happening in Las Vegas anymore, Vegas too has been hit hard by the economic setback or so they say. I am a frequent visitor to Sin City, and while you notice the effects of the economy in some areas, the foreclosure signs on the houses is certainly prevalent, but the traffic on the strip sure seems the same. The tons of people walking the strip is certainly unchanged, the lines at the restaurants on the strip looks the same to me. The question is, are those same people gambling less? Eating less? Ordering fewer extras? From where I was sitting, it certainly didn't seem so...

I will tell you this, the level of service the casinos are offering is less, the quality of the food is less, the comps are diminished, the slots aren't hitting, all the things that people go to Vegas for is not there. It may not be obvious to you if this is your first trip, but to someone who has been there before, it is glaring!!!!

The three meals we had on the strip (all in different locations)
were terrible, the service poor,
overpriced, the wait staff almost angry.
They are being cut back, working for two
and three people, for less money, less tips,
and they are starting not to care about the patrons.
I won't name names here, as I would like to think
I learned something from my mother,
"If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing."

The atmosphere in Vegas is terrible...

Listen up casino owners, this is not the time to be cutting back, this is the time where people really need the hope that Las Vegas always offered. Perhaps you as owners need to be nicer to your staff, as it is trickling down the line. If you want us back when the economic times are better, this is the time when you need to put forth the effort to want us to come back!

That being said, there are some places in Vegas that aren't doing this,
that are going the extra nine yards, that still care about their guests,
and they are located off the strip.
You want to go where the locals go...try some of the casinos off the strip,
take a trip to Summerlin or Henderson
try the Red Rock Casino or Green Valley Ranch,
and try some of the restaurants off the strip.
You get some good meals, much more value for your money,
and get to see the other side of Las Vegas!

One restaurant that we always frequent
when we are in Las Vegas is called Egg Works

My family (me being the only exception) are breakfast lovers...

There are three Egg Works to choose from.
Two are called Egg Works, the third is called the Egg and I.
They are all family owned, the food is great, the service is over the top, they still care!

We always go to the one located at 9355 West Flamingo Road in Las Vegas (702) 368-3447
The other Egg Works is located at 2490 East Sunset Road,
and the Egg and I is on 4533 West Sahara Avenue.

Be prepared, if you are heading there on a Sunday morning or
during peak hours, you may have to wait,
the lines are enormous, because the food is delicious,
the quantities are gigundo, and the prices are reasonable...
there is a reason why the locals eat there!
We have learned to go a little off peak hours :), not so crowded then...

If this is your first visit to Egg Works, they will explain how
to get their attention if you need something
There is a little egg sign on your table,

if you need something, you just flip it over from black,

to yellow, and they show up to assist you

It's not just hype, you flip it, they show up!

The waiters and waitresses are happy, friendly, and accommodating.
Since the bypass surgery, it is always a little difficult for
me when eating out. The portions are always
much bigger than I could ever eat

Our waitress bent over backward trying to help find
a combination that would work for me...

That is a single scrambled egg, they told me they grow them big!

They are known for their breakfasts but they have a great lunch menu as well.

The breakfast menu includes, omelets, Egg Works specials (Corned beef hash, Breakfast Burritos, New York Steak, and Pork Chops), Skillet Breakfast where everything is put into a skillet starting with a layer of potatoes and then add from there)

Egg-Crepes, Fruit Parfaits, Pancakes (huge) Waffles, Scrambled Eggs, Eggs Ole, and more...

Great seasoned french fries!

Lunch includes soups and salads, sandwiches, wraps, and Great Burgers (I can vouch for the Patty Melt, it was delicious), Cincy Chili (a taste of Cinncinati) and tons of side orders. They are known for their Banana Nut Muffins (moist, delicious, and generally warm out of the oven, because they make so many of them.)

My crew, happy and well fed...

Try Egg Works, you won't be disappointed!
You get what they advertise

and you don't even mind paying the bill (which is always reasonable)
because you will be met by a smiling face at the cash register too!

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  1. Eggs and breakfast foods are among my favorites. Sounds like a great restaurant, Elise. So frequently the family run places off the beaten path are the best. But those portions! Holy cow, they're huge.

  2. Being a breakfast anytime lover myself, I would defanitely try this restaurant. Looks like everyone was having a good time too. Brenda