Monday, March 9, 2009

You Must Visit These Sites...

Searching the Web

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I was going to post a blog today with a recipe of a quick side dish made with peas and mushrooms. I sat at the computer and thought I would open my e-mail first. I started to go through my mail and received a few things that I went to check out. I was looking at a few web posts and blogs that I found interesting, hilarious, thought provoking, etc.

Some of you may never get to see some of these sites unless someone tells you about them so I thought that today, instead of doing a traditional post, I would tell you of some of the interesting blogs, or articles I have come across in the past week.

If this is a feature that you enjoy, I may make it a regular part of the blog,
so please let me know what you think...

The first site I'd like you to check out is called Bed and Breakfast Recipes from Innkeepers Kitchens. I received an e-mail from Mary at Bed and Breakfast Kitchens who wrote, "Many people write to us because they LOVE the carefully selected recipes offered at bed & breakfasts. Innkeepers know how to make tasty dishes that are easy to prepare. We have many of these recipes on our site and would love if your followers were interested in them, tried them, and then posted a review.

Check out the link for the Peach Bread Pudding, it looks yummy!

I went to the site and was delighted by what I found. There were 26 categories of recipes listed on the recipe page of the blog including Main Dishes, Muffins, Cakes, Holiday Treats, Egg Dishes, Desserts, Appetizers, Breakfast, Breads and more. If you go back to the home page, you will find a wealth of information about Bed and Breakfast across the country and the world. They have gift certificates, listings of Inns for Sale, everything you could want to know about this category.

If you enjoy traveling and staying at Bed and Breakfasts, you will enjoy this site. If you love to cook, you won't be disappointed by the recipes from Inns and Bed and Breakfasts from all over the country. I have also added this listing for this site under Traveling Foodfanataholics.

Cake Wrecks

When professional cakes go horribly, hilariously wrong.

The next site I'd like to introduce you to is called Cake Wrecks. This is a blog where people can submit pictures of cakes that are decorating diseasters. They have guidelines as to what you can submit and how to submit them. If you are feeling down, or just need a good laugh, visit this blog, and when you get to their page, look to the right and scroll down to where it says Categories. Then click to your hearts content, and start laughing. I was laughing so hard, my son Steven ran in to see what was going on. Then he started to join in with me. From store bought cakes, to bakery cakes, to home decorated cakes, from mispelled writing, to ugly, to just plain hilarious, this site will put a smile on your face!

The caption on this cake reads "Girls-Shouldn't-Have-ALL-the-Fun":

What a fun blog to visit. I hope you enjoy it...

The next site was sent to me by my dear friend Wendy Perry,

who is one multi-talented woman, chef, outdoor kitchen designer, culinary coach, and personal shopper... as Wendy likes to call herself, "Femme de beaucoup chapeaux" the Lady of many hats. Wendy and I met at a cookbook seminar in Nashville several years ago, and have been friends every since. She was the best thing I got from the whole convention, lol.

She sends me the best hints, sites, and ideas.

She sent me the link for a site called Not Martha. This is a great blog written by Megan in Seattle, Washington. She talks about everything from cookbooks, to recipes, to how to make things, home spas, you name it. It is another fun site to visit. Be sure to click on the following link to see Megan's Bacon Cup Appetizers, what a great idea, and different too!

The next site is called Perrie Meno Pudge.

It is written by my very talented cousin Joanne Fsadni

and her friend Barbara Kimmel. It is a cartoon based on women going through menopause. Although it doesn't have much to do with food, it does have a lot to do with many of you who read this blog. Many of us are just like Perrie...pretty soon we'll be forgetting where the kitchen is and how to cook. Again, if you need a little comic relief, visit Perrie's website at Perrie Meno Pudge and check out the cartoon of the week, and the other neat things on their website.

Here are two of my favorites from Perrie:

Be sure to sign up for the cartoon of the week on their website! !!!!!!

The last link is to Epicurious, in honor of my niece Abby,

(my nieces Karen, Abby, and Jennifer)

who sent me a text message this morning asking me to do a post on Hamantaschen. For those of you who are not Jewish, the holiday of Purim which begins at sundown on the 9th of March. Purim is the most festive of all the Jewish holidays. It commemorates a major victory over oppression. The story is told in the Megillah, the scroll is of the story of Queen Esther, King Ahasuerus, Haman, and Mordecai.

Children wear costumes, similar to Halloween costumes, and wave noisemakers called Groggers, and eat cookies filled with fruit, chocolate, or cheese shaped into a triangle called Hamantaschen. Well Abby, I didn't get a chance to make the cookies, but here is a link to
Epicurious with a recipe to make them for you.

Here is a picture from the website of the Hamantaschen.

I hope you all enjoyed this post. If you did, or didn't, please let me know.
If the feed back is positive, I will try to do something like this once a week.


  1. Thanks girlfriend! I can also say that meeting YOU was the best thing I got from that "school" as well... really enjoying your blog and excited about working on my own ~ SOON! One of these days you are gonna have to go to Vegas by way of NORTH CAROLINA! Wendy

  2. I love Cake Wrecks blog, so so funny. "Welcome baby in pink" and the censored one are the best!
    Great idea writing a post about interesting sites.

  3. Thanks for the sites to check out, Elise. It's a nice idea to post things of interest once in awhile. Have you checked out The Cookbook Chronicles blog? It has wonderful photos of the food she is writing recipes for, for her new cookbook. No recipes posted though.