Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What Happens In Vegas, Comes from New Hartford, New York

The third in our series of eating in Las Vegas, off the strip, happens at Mezzo's
located in the Northwest section of Las Vegas in a strip mall.
It is a small neighborhood restaurant which we had heard
about through a friend who owns a restaurant locally.
Marc Ritz, the chef/owner used to have a restaurant here in our home community,
Marc's Seneca Inn, where the food was always very delicious.
Our friend Judy Gorea, who own's Georgio's (a great Italian Restaurant - one of the best) said she went when she was in Vegas and that the Osso Buco was the fabulous.
We went midweek and on an off night.
Unfortunately, Marc was not in the restaurant,
they said he is only there on the weekends.

We ordered the fried calamari as an appetizer,

and it was very good, not greasy, and served with a
marinara sauce, which could have been a little warmer.

I ordered the eggplant parmigiana

which I thought was delicious, in fact I ate more than half of it,
which for me is an accomplishment

Marc, Lauren, and our cousin David had the Veal Parmigiana,

which they said was good, but they wished the veal had been a little thinner.
We are used to having the veal pounded very thin here at home.
The sauce was tasty though

Our cousin Madeleine had the Baked Ziti,
and she said it was delicious

She also ordered a salad that she said was good as well.

My criticisms of the restaurant were that the wait staff seemed a little off that night. They kept coming back and forth, but never seemed to have a purpose. I think that the side dish of pasta needs to be served on the plates as the dinners appear a little small and empty on the plate by themselves. The tomato sauce was good and I am really picky about that. This was a well made sauce, no puree added. I think that perhaps Marc needs to make his presence known not only on the weekends but on the weekdays as well. You know the old saying, "when the cat's away..."

However, I have found that Italian Restaurants in general are not Vegas' forte, so this restaurant was very good by those standards. I would certainly give them a try, go on a weekend, make a reservation, and hope they have the Osso Boco. The prices are not cheap, but not over the top like the restaurants on the strip are.

The atmosphere is tasteful,

the restaurant very clean, small in size so it is intimate,

all in all, I would eat there again...

Mezzo's is located at 4275 North Rancho Drive,
in the Northwest of Vegas. The phone is
(702) 944-8880

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  1. I always end up hungly after reading your posts :) the baked ziti looks delicious, I could go for one righ now!