Friday, March 13, 2009

With Sincere Apologies

Good morning everyone. Today's post will be very short as I was trying to get the posts on all the Greek recipes completed last night.

I am going to have to make some changes in the comment section of the blog. It seems that Google's spam filters are not working up to par, and a lot of junk mail is getting through the filters.

Consequently, while I am so happy to know that Mrs. Mary Johnson, (who addresses me as "Sweetie") is privy to my impending fortune, thrilled as I am that some supposed dead relative of mine, who died without any heirs, in Kenya of all places, and left me a billion dollars if I would only send my first born son, a suitcase of cash, and sign away my life, etc. Her forty blasts of e-mails a day are starting to get annoying.

Besides, my first born son's education already cost me a gazillion dollars and now that he's a plastic surgeon and I'm a middle aged broad, I need his services desparately!

I realize that if I don't send the money, dearie will be shot by her uncle who is trying to hold her for ransom, and threatening to kill her, unless my check arrives and saves her soul. Frankly, if her Uncle killed her, he would be doing the world of e-mailers a favor. I say go for it Unc!

Now, if that didn't work...

Then of course, I could possible connect her to the Canadian Pharmacy that blitzed me with no less than 100 e-mails a day, so that I had to shut my other e-mail account down. Perhaps she could buy some drugs and overdose herself. Her estate could then sue the Canadian drug company, shut them down, and all the rest of us internet users and normal e-mailers could live happily every after.

As I result, I am going to have to add that most annoying digital code for all of you to fill in when you comment. I hope that this won't dissuade you from commenting because your comments are so important to me.

For those of you whom I don't know, it has allowed me to get to know you.

If any of you have any other solutions to this problem, I would be happy to listen, because those things annoy me to death as well, but I have no other ideas at this point.

Anyway, tomorrow I promise to get back to food blogging and I'll be bringing some wonderful Greek recipes in the near future, a delicious Baklava and Spanakopita, and hopefully, if all goes according to plan, some stuffed grape leaves as well.

I hope you all enjoy your day today, and please send me your suggestions, comments, recipes, let me know if you want to cook with me, if you're nearby. I would love to have your recipes on the blog.

Today is a milestone, we've had more than 5000 visitors to the site since December...

I can't thank all of you enough for your support, and again my sincere apologies for having to change the comment section...

But it is now four AM, and I must go pack my bags for my Safari to Kenya to collect my bizillions...maybe I can throw her in front of a herd of stampeding elephants, grab the money and run!

Hmmmmm I wonder if they have an In-n-Out Burger in Kenya!

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