Friday, March 6, 2009

What a Fun Site for Foodfanataholics

I could never succeed doing this blog without the help of so many great friends. My friend Rae made me the most incredible Chef's Hat tonight, which I shall show off very soon. My friends Anne and Wendy are always sending me new recipe ideas, or great websites to include on this blog.

I am so blessed to have so many supportive and wonderful friends to help me bring all these great things to all of you.

Last night, my friend Anne who lives in Texas, sent me the link to a great website that I know all you Foodfanataholics will enjoy. It is filled with such great trivia that relates to food.

There are quotes on food, trivia and crossword puzzles, humor, cookbook reviews, cooking schools, shows, articles, food history (did you know that today is National Chocolate Cheesecake Month?) and so many other wonderful facts.

Check out the website I think you will really enjoy it.
The site is the brain child of Chef James Ehler.

He is wonderful because not only did he create this great site, but he encourages you to link to his site. There are some great crossword puzzles that educators may find fun for their students. This site is a garden of food knowledge. What a find! You may want to bookmark the site for future reference as well.

Thanks Anne for the great tip!

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